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Forestry Tyre For Stomper LM-607A


  • The high flotation forestry tires, with extensive ground contact area, a low-pressure ratio on the ground and less damage to soil and sapling.
  • Tread bars at certain angles give good self-cleaning action and excellent traction, and the sides are slippage-proof.
  • Its carcass design with steel belt and more robust fibre structure protection gives the best resistance to punctures,
  • The deeper tread design and cut-resistant tread compound give extended tire life.

Tyre Size: 600/65-34,  700/55-34

The Forestry Tyre for Stomper LM-607A is a high-quality tyre designed for the forestry industry. The tyre features a high flotation design that provides extensive ground contact area while reducing the pressure ratio on the ground, thus minimising damage to the soil and saplings. Tread bars at specific angles give the tyre an excellent self-cleaning action, traction, and slippage-proof sides. The tyre is also designed with a robust fibre structure and steel belt carcass, providing exceptional puncture resistance. Moreover, the deeper tread design and cut-resistant tread compound used in the tyre’s construction results in an extended tire life, reducing the frequency of tyre replacements. The tyre comes in two sizes, 600 65-34 and 700 55-34, ensuring that it can fit a wide range of forestry equipment and machinery.