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Forestry Tyre For Logger LM-603B


  • The external angle of the lugs gives you increased pull force.
  • An open tread pattern results in good self-cleaning.
  • The maximum tread width distributes the machine’s power across the tyres.
  • Pattern design minimises slippage and fully utilises the engine’s power.

Tyre Size: 600/50-22.5, 700/45-22.5, 600/55-26.5, 700/50-26.5, 800/40-26.5, 23.1-26, 28L-26,30.5L-32

The Forestry Tyre for Logger LM-603B has been specially engineered to deliver high performance for forestry applications. The external angle on the lugs increases the pull force and enables the machine to tread easily through challenging terrains and steep slopes. With a tread pattern that allows good self-cleaning, these tyres remain efficient even under muddy and dirty conditions. The maximum tread width helps to distribute the machine’s power across the tyres and enhances vehicle stability and manoeuvrability. The pattern design also reduces slippage while maximising the engine’s power output. Available in various sizes, ranging from 600 50-22.5 to 30.5L-32, the Forestry Tyre for Logger LM-603B is suitable for diverse forestry machinery.