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Forestry Tyres For Stomper LM-607B


1.The high flotation forestry tires, with large ground contact area, low-pressure ratio on the ground and less damage to soil and sapling.
2.Tread bars at certain angle give good self-cleaning action, excellent traction and side slippage-proof.
3.Its carcass design with steel belt and stronger fiber structure protection gives the best resistance to punctures,
4.Deep tread design and cut-resistant tread compound give extended tire life.

Tyre Size: 750/55-26.5

The Forestry Tyres for Stomper LM-607B have features that ensure their effectiveness in the forestry industry. They have a large ground contact area and a low-pressure ratio on the ground, resulting in minimal damage to the soil and sapling. The tread bars are positioned at a certain angle, providing excellent traction and preventing side slippage. The tyre carcass is designed with a steel belt and strong fibre structure protection, making it puncture-resistant. It also has a deep tread design and cut-resistant tread compound that extends the tyre’s lifespan. The tyre size is 750 55-26.5. These tyres are a reliable solution for forestry vehicles, ensuring high performance, durability, and safety.