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Forklift Solid Tyre LM-201


  • It has a wear-resistant tread compound and resilient centre compound.
  • Low rolling resistance and lessened vibration reduce energy costs and improve comfortable the operator.

Tyre Size: 15*4.1/2-8, 16*6-8, 18*7-8, 6.00-9, 7.00-9,  21*8-9, 6.50-10, 23*9-10, 200/50-10,  7.00-12, 8.25-12, 27*10-12(250/75-12), 5.50-15, 7.00-15,  7.50-15,  28*9-15 (8.15-15),  8.25-15, 250-15,  300-15, 28*12.5-15 (315/50-15), 32*12.1-15 (355/65-15),  7.50-16, 8.00-16, 9.00-16, 7.50-20, 8.25-20, 9.00-20, 10.00-20, 11.00-20, 12.00-20, 14.00-20. 14.00-24. 355/65-15

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The Forklift Solid Tyre LM-201 is a really good tyre for forklift trucks. It is made to last a long time and can take a lot of wear and tear. It is also comfortable to use as it doesn’t vibrate too much. Plus, it won’t cost too much money to use as it doesn’t need a lot of energy to roll.

This tyre comes in different sizes to fit small and big forklift trucks. It’s also easy to put on because it has a special fitting.

All in all, this is a great tyre that will work well for many different types of forklift trucks. It’s strong, comfortable, and efficient, which makes it good for the people who use it and the businesses that buy it.