landmax tyre

Forklift Solid Tyre LM-202


  • It has deep lugs for good traction, high loading capacity, and high wear-resistance performance.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty operations
  • Special tread pattern for better traction and handling
  • Long-lasting and cost-effective

Tyre Size: 5.00-8,15*4.1/2-8,18*7-8,6.00-9,6.50-10, 23*9-10,7.00-12,28*9-15 (8.15-15), 8.25-15, 250-15,300-15,10.00-20

This is a type of tyre called the Solid Forklift Tyre LM-202 that is very strong and is suitable for doing tough jobs. The deep pattern design on the tyre helps to give it a strong grip so it can carry heavy things. The tyre is also designed in a special way that makes it easier for the driver to control the forklift and it is not as risky as other tyres because it is not slippery. It is good for businesses to buy this tyre because it is strong and lasts for a long time, meaning they don’t have to keep changing it often, which saves money. It is also available in different sizes to fit different types of forklifts. Overall, this tyre is good for businesses that need a tyre that is strong and can handle lots of hard work.