landmax tyre

Forklift Tyre LM-101


  • With a heavy-duty carcass and high abrasion-resistant tread
  • Delivers both incredible puncture resistance and long life.
  • With a reinforced sidewall for side impact protection, it’s unstoppable.

Tyre Size: 4.00-8,5.00-8,16*6-8,18*7-8,6.00-9,21*8-9, 6.50-10,23*9-10,4.50-12,7.00-12,23×10-12, 27*10-12,7.00-15,7.50-15,8.15-15(28*9-15), 8.25-15,250-15,9.00-20

The LM-101 forklift tyre is a durable and reliable option that comes in various sizes to fit different forklifts, making work smoother and more efficient in places like warehouses and construction sites while ensuring safety.