landmax tyre

Forklift Tyres LM-104


  • The ultimate tyre for non-stop usage.
  • ]Made with abrasion resistant rubber and a heat-resistant middle layer compound to increase life.
  • Its low rolling resistance and lessened vibration both reduce energy costs and improve operator comfort.

Tyre Size: 10.00-20

The LM-104 forklift tyres is durable, heat-resistant and ideal for continuous use. It reduces shaking, uses less energy and provides comfort for drivers. Available in the common size of 10.00-20, it is a long-lasting and efficient choice for businesses requiring non-stop forklift use.

Tyre Size PR. Pattern Type Tread Depth (mm) Standard RIM Section With (mm) Overall Diameter (mm)
10.00-20 16,20 26 LM-104 TT 30.00 7.50 278.00 1072.00