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Rigid Dump Truck Tire LMX202 (E-4)

Giant OTR Tire  Features:

  • Extra deep E4 rigid dump truck tyre,
  • designed with an aggressive tread pattern that provides maximum traction in all underfoot conditions.

Product Range (Inch): 24.00R49, 27.00R49, 36.00R51, 40.00R57

Type: Tubless

Rigid Dump Truck Tire Maximum Traction in Dry or Rainly Seasons

The LMX202 tire is made for big, strong dump trucks driving in difficult conditions. The tire has an intense tread and a rough pattern that helps it grip any surface well. You can get the tire in four sizes to fit many other trucks. The tire is rated E4, which means it is strong and will perform well. And the tire is vast so that it can go over big things like rocks. This makes it a good choice for places like mines or quarries. The LMX202 tire is a reliable option for heavy-duty applications.