landmax tyre

Giant OTR Tyre LMX206

Giant OTR Tyre  Features:

  • Deep tread pattern with sidewall protectors.
  • Specifically designed for giant dump trucks.
  • Non-directional deep tread pattern ensures excellent traction and strong resistance to side-slipping as well .
  • Provides long life and cut resistance on rocky surfaces.

Tyre Size: 33.00R51

Type: Tubeless

The Giant OTR Tyre LMX206 is a high-quality tyre made especially for giant dump trucks with tyre size 33.00R51. It has a deep tread pattern and side protectors to give excellent grip, protect against sliding and keep it strong on even rocky surfaces. Unlike other tyres, this tyre does not have a specific direction to face, so it is good to use anywhere. It is also tubeless, making it safer and easier to look after. All in all, the Giant OTR Tyre LMX206 is a great tyre that will give you good performance, dependability, and value for money.