landmax tyre

Giant OTR Tyres LMX205 (E-4)


  • Unique non-directional traction patterns provide optimum traction without compromising tread life
  • Super sidewall cut resistance
  • Groove stone ejector
  • Enhanced stability and riding comfort

Product Range (Inch): 51

Type: Tubeless

The Power of Giant OTR Tyres

The Landmax Giant OTR Tyres LMX205 (E-4) are very strong and work well on tough surfaces. They have special treads that give them good grip without wearing down quickly. The tyres are tough and last a long time because they have Super sidewall cut resistance and Groove stone ejector features. They give you a smooth and stable ride, making driving easier. These tyres are great for jobs that need a lot of power, like mining and construction. They don’t need inner tubes and are 51 inches across. Choose Landmax Giant OTR Tyres LMX205 (E-4) if you want your job to go faster and smoother.