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Loader & Grader Truck Tyre LMX122 (E4)


  • Excellent traction capabilities
  • Long tyre life
  • Available with either cut-resistance or high-speed capability
  • High protection in harsh conditions

Designed for trucks, Rigid dump and grader truck.

Tyre Size: 18.00R33, 21.00R35, 24.00R35

Loader and Grader Truck Tyre Unmatched Traction, Durability, and Protection

The Loader and Grader Truck Tyre LMX122 (E4) is a strong and dependable tyre for big trucks that drive in challenging places. It works well on rough terrain and can last long because it is designed with good technology. You can choose between two options depending on your need for cut resistance or high-speed. This tyre can handle challenging conditions and protects against damage. It comes in different sizes, like 18.00R33, 21.00R35, and 24.00R35. This tyre will be able to keep up with your work and make it easier and safer. Buy the Grader Tyre LMX122 (E4) today and be more efficient, have good quality and be safer on your work.