Landmax Tyre - Landmax Tyre

Harbor Tire LMD3B

Harbor Tire Features:

  • Strong nylon carcass that enables superior load-carrying capability.
  • Higher torque and heavy load requirements in harbour services than regular tires.
  • Good heat resistance, ensuring durability even in demanding conditions.
  • Provide excellent wear resistance, allowing for a longer lifespan under heavy usage.
  • Perfect to handle the weight and torque demands of container forklifts.

Tyre Size: 12.00-24NHS  12.00-24/25NHS  16.00-25  18.00-33  21.00-35  24.00-29

Landmax harbor tire is made for use in ports and container terminals. They can carry heavy containers due to their strong nylon structure. They are tough and can handle heat and wear. They are best for forklifts that need to lift and move heavy objects. They meet the high standards the maritime industry requires and are durable enough for the harsh conditions of port operations. Landmax tires are a good choice if you want reliable and strong tires for your port operations.