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Harbor Tyre LMD4C

Harbor Tyre Features:

  • Strong nylon carcass.
  • Superior load-carrying capability.
  • Wide riding tread, heavy lugs, and deep tread.
  • Contribute to a superior extended tire life.
  • Reduces downtime loss from frequent tire changing.
  • Lower cost per hour compared to other tires.

Tyre Size: 16.00-25

The Harbor Tyre LMD4C is a strong tire that can carry heavy loads. It has a big tread and strong bumps that make it last longer than other tires. It is used on big machines like loaders, bulldozers, and graders and has a size of 16.00-25. It can handle tough environments and is perfect for industries like mining, construction, and manufacturing. If you want a tire that can carry heavy loads a long time and save money on repairs, you should think about getting the Harbor Tyre LMD4C.