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Solid Tyre For Engine Forklift Truck With High Elastic Type F

Solid Tyre for Forklift Trucks: Built to Last



  • Good elasticity enhances the driver’s comfort.
  • Heat dissipation faster.
  • Suitable for various forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles.

Tyre Sizes: 5.00-8/3.00, 6.00-9/4.00, 7.00-9/4.50, 6.50-10/5.00, 7.00-12/5.00, 8.25-12/5.00, 7.00-15/5.50, 7.50-15/5.50, 7.50-15/6.50, 8.25-15/6.50, 6.50-16/5.50, 7.50-16/5.50, 7.50-16/6.00, 8.00-16/5.50, 9.00-16/6.50, 750-20/6.5, 8.25-20/6.5, 9.00-20/7.0

High Elastic Solid Tyre For Engine Forklift Truck

Enhanced Stability and Performance, Our Solid Tyre for Forklift Trucks, offers unparalleled stability and performance. Our tyre distributes weight evenly with its unique design, ensuring your forklift truck stays stable and secure, even when carrying heavy loads. Our tyre’s tread pattern provides excellent traction, allowing for better handling and control. Moreover, our Solid Tyre for Forklift Trucks is low-noise, reducing workplace noise pollution and providing a more comfortable work environment.