landmax tyre

Solid Tyre For Engine Forklift Truck LM-211 Type F


  • Nomatter turn lift or right oneway keep tread elastic performance.
  • Good elasticity enhances the driver’s comfort.
  • Heat dissipation faster.
  • Suitable for various forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles.

Tyre Sizes: 5.00-8/3.00, 6.00-9/4.00, 7.00-9/4.50, 6.50-10/5.00, 7.00-12/5.00, 8.25-12/5.00, 7.00-15/5.50, 7.50-15/5.50, 7.50-15/6.50, 8.25-15/6.50, 6.50-16/5.50, 7.50-16/5.50, 7.50-16/6.00, 8.00-16/5.50, 9.00-16/6.50, 750-20/6.5, 8.25-20/6.5, 9.00-20/7.0

The LM-211 Type F is a strong tyre ideal for engine forklift trucks and other large vehicles. It’s flexible, making it comfortable for drivers to use while ensuring good performance when turning left or right. The tyre has a great cooling system that cools down quickly and won’t overheat. It comes in different sizes to fit other vehicles so you can choose the right one for your needs. If you’re looking for a rugged and dependable tyre for your forklift truck, the LM-211 Type F is a good option.