Landmax Tyre - Landmax Tyre

High Flotation Tyres HF-3 LM-511

High Flotation Tyre Features:

  • The high flotation farm tires, with extensive ground contact area, a low-pressure ratio on the ground, and high load capacity.
  • Comparatively less damage to soil and crops.
  • Wear-resistant tread compound and weather-resistant sidewall compound give longer tire life.

Tyre Size:  42×25.00-20,48×25.00-20,48×31.00-20, 66×43.00-25,66*43.00-26, VA73x44.00-32

Have you ever considered the fantastic impact of flotation tires on your vehicle? They are truly a game changer! With their exceptional features, flotation tires can offer incredible benefits that can take your driving experience to a whole new level. Imagine confidently driving on even the toughest of terrains without worrying about getting stuck in sand, mud, or snow. These tires can help enhance your vehicle’s stability, improve fuel efficiency and even help reduce soil compaction. So, my friend, don’t underestimate the power of flotation tires! Start reaping the benefits they offer and enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride today!