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Heavy Duty Truck Tyres Drive Position LMR957


  • Mainly for drive wheels.
  • Applicable for medium and high speed riding on normal and good roads.
  • With excellent grip and traction performance.

This pattern has good performance in low heating up and carrying capacity.

Tyre Size:215/75R17.5,225/70R19.5,235/75R17.5, 245/70R19.5

Recommend to use; Drive

Heavy Duty Tyres wiht Low Rolling Resistance and Eco Cost

The LMR957 is a type of truck tire that’s good for driving at medium to high speeds on normal roads. It has a good grip and works well in all weather. It’s suitable for long-distance travel and can be used by fleet operators because it stays excellent for a short time. It comes in different sizes and is usually used in the drive position. This tire is eco-friendly, good for fuel economy and lasts a long time while still being strong.