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Steer Trailer Tires LMR218

Highway steer trailer tire LMR218 is a steer/trailer tire optimised for on-the-road applications.
The LMR218 is a steer axle and a trailer axle truck tire specially designed for long journeys on highways and regional traffic roads. Unique tread compound for lower rolling resistance and better wear.


  • Mainly for the long journeys of steer and trailer wheels.
  • Applicable to driving on regional traffic roads and highways.
  • With good skid resistance and performance of water drainage.
  • This pattern has low heating up and low rolling resistance performance.

Tyre Size: 11R22.5,11R24.5,12R22.5

Recommend to use (axle): Steer, Trailer

Ultimate steer trailer tires - Solid grip, smooth ride.

The LMR218 steer trailer tires is a high-quality tire that is great for long drives on city and highway roads. This tire is designed for steer and trailer wheels, and it has a special tread that helps it last longer and prevents skidding. The LMR218 is made to resist heat and rolling, and it comes in three different sizes. Overall, the LMR218 is a really good tire that lasts a long time and performs well on the road.