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Implement Tire for Trailers LM-507(I-3)


  • Low-section implement tyres, offering high load capacity with minimum soil compaction.
  • Ideal tyres for modern farm, suitable for both on and off-the-road applications.
  • LM-507 is suitable for transport, soil tillage and hay harvesting operations with trailers, implement machinery and hay harvesters/balers.
  • It offers excellent handling as well as reduced soil compaction.

Tyre Size: 15.0/55-17, 19.0/45-17, 400/60-15.5, 400/60-15.5, 400/60-15.5, 500/50-17

Implement Tire

 Implement trailer tyres are made for maximum soil reduction while withstanding heavy loads and extended wear. Farm implement tires spend most of their time in contact with your soil and carrying heavy loads. A good implement tire will deliver excellent traction in the field for lower fuel consumption.

Implement trailer tyres offering high load capacity with minimum soil compaction, suitable for both on and off-the-road trailer application.


What is foam fill tyre work?

  • They will save you from downtime usually experienced when using pneumatic tires in external or construction environments due to punctures.
  • They give the boom lift truck operators an easy time manoeuvring the boom lifter in rough environments, thereby increasing their efficiency.
  • They add more weight to the boom lift truck making it more stable during operation. That can go a long way in safeguarding the safety of the boom lift truck operator, especially in rough and bumpy terrains.
  • When done to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the consistency in their air pressure guarantees more predictable results as they offer more consistent performance.
  • They will reduce your cost of operation as they do not need regular maintenance compared to pneumatic tires, which also makes them long-lasting.

Foam-filled tires are more helpful in external environments. They will save you a ton of maintenance costs and offer more stability and less downtime.

Foam Fill Tyre Features

  • Flat Poof
  • Operators are comfortable, with no bumpy terrains in rough environments.
  • No need for tyre maintenance costs; the lifter’ is workable on fully day

Tyre Sizes: 10-16.5, 12-16.5, 305-546(12-22.5)A, 305-546(12-22.5)B, 305-546(12-21.5)A, 305-546(12-21.5)B ,14-17.5, 385/65D19.5 (15-19.5), 445/65D19.5(18-19.5), 33×15.5-16.5