landmax tyre

Mining Truck Tire LMX104 (E2)


  • Vibration-dampening tread blocks muffle road noise and absorbs impacts for a fatigue-free ride.
  • Responsive tread offers precise handling for safe and efficient transportation even at highway speeds.
  • Aggressive yet durable tread grabs any surface with maximum traction on and off paved roads.
  • Extra strong casing construction withstands the most punishing conditions without damage or premature wear.

Tyre Sizes: 16.00R25

The LMX104 (E2) Mining Truck Tire is made to handle rough terrain and heavy loads. Its durable design resists wear and reduces rolling resistance, maximising fuel efficiency. With special tread blocks to absorb vibrations and an excellent tread pattern, this tire provides superior handling and traction, ideal for mining, hauling, and other heavy-duty jobs. Trust the LMX104 (E2) for safe and efficient work in challenging environments.