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Industrial Tractor Tire R-4


Very good traction and better tire life.

Good resistance to tearing and cracking.

Resistance to cuts, abrasions and high load capacity.

Tyre Size:  10.5/80-18,12.5/80-18,16.9-24,16.9-28,17.5L-24,18.4-26,19.5L-24,21L-24

Industrial Tractor Tire R-4 pattern with excellent traction and better tire life. This pattern is resistant to cuts, tearing, cracking and abrasions.


Industrial Tractor Tire R-4 Features:

For multi-purpose vehicles in municipality/maintenance applications.

Allowing them to carry heavy loads at high speeds.

Its reinforced bead ensures a longer service life and extra mileage to enhance productivity.

Industrial Tractor Tire R-4’s big angle tread design and plenty of overlap in the centre of the tread provide smooth running and ride comfort.

The more excellent lug-heads in the centre of the tread make tires with exceptional wear resistance.

The wide contact area and rounded lugs in the shoulder area deliver excellent traction and minimize the damage to the solid.

High-strength carcass provides higher load capacity.

The specially designed flange protrusion provides good protection for the bead and rim.

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