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Industrial Tractor Tires LM515


As municipality and maintenance applications with tractors and backhoe loaders. It offers high stability and is available in two versions.High puncture resistance and be cut-and-chip-resistant.

Tyre Size:  750-16,10.0/75-15.3,10.5/80-18,10.5-20,12.5/80-18,12.5-20,12.9-18,14.9-24,16.9-24,16.9-28,17.5L-24,18.4-24,18.4-26,18.4-28,19.5L-24,21L-24,21L-28,26*12-12

The Industrial Tractor Tires LM515 are designed to be used in municipality and maintenance applications, particularly with tractors and backhoe loaders. They offer high stability, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for operators. These tires are available in two versions and come in various sizes, including 750-16, 10.0/75-15.3, 10.5/80-18, 10.5-20, 12.5/80-18, 12.5-20, 12.9-18, 14.9-24, 16.9-24, 16.9-28, 17.5L-24, 18.4-24, 18.4-26, 18.4-28, 19.5L-24, 21L-24, 21L-28, and 26*12-12. These tires are also puncture-resistant and cut-and-chip-resistant, making them durable and long-lasting. If you need reliable and high-performing tires for your industrial tractor, consider the Industrial Tractor Tires LM515.

Agricultural vs Industrial Tractor Tires

A comparative analysis between farm tractor tires and industrial tractor tires has been conducted. Findings reveal that farm tractor tires have distinctive features that make them dissimilar from industrial tractor tires. In terms of design, farm tractor tires have treads that are spacious, while industrial tractor tires have treads that are closely patterned. Furthermore, there is a significant difference in the weight capacity, size, and durability of the two types of tires. Additionally, the demands of the respective applications vary, and as a result, these differences are essential in ensuring maximum output efficiency and safety in the field. It is critical to take into account the specific tire requirements for each application in order to select the appropriate tire that will ensure optimal performance and increase the lifespan of the machinery.