landmax tyre

Construction Tires LMG2 (G2,L2,R4)

Construction Tyre Features:

  • Tyres for earthmovers, graders, loaders and construction Tuck.
  • The directional tread lugs provide good performance and excellent traction on loose ground, soft soil and sand with self-cleaning action.

Tyre Size: 13.00-24|TG14.00-24 TG|16.00-24 TG|14.9-24|16.9-2|16.9-28|18.4-24|18.4-26|17.5L-24|19.5L-24|21L-24|12.5/70-16|15.5/60-18|10.5/80-18|12.5/80-18|10.5-20|12.5-20|17.5/65-20|15.5-25|17.5-25|20.5-25|23.5-25|

Construction tires are LMG2 (G2, L2, R4), which are unique for heavy-duty construction equipment. There are two types of these tires: one that resists punctures and one that resists cuts and chips. They are made to work in harsh conditions that exist on construction sites. Using these tires on construction equipment makes the equipment run better, and carrying capacity increases. The high stability of these tires provides better control and reduces the chance of accidents, resulting in improved productivity. Different sizes are available to fit various machinery used on construction sites, making them a trustworthy choice for any construction project.