landmax tyre

Irrigation Tractor Tyre LM-501I


1. Round-shaped tyre reduces crop& soil damage;
2. Special tyre for irrigation application;
3. Tread pattern designed for sufficient traction and self-cleaning property.

Tyre Size:  11.2-24,11.2-38,13.6-24,14.9-24

The Irrigation Tractor Tyre LM-501I is the game-changer for eco-friendly agriculture. Its round shape has been specially designed to protect both the soil and crops. Working wonders on wet surfaces, this tyre won’t obstruct irrigation progress with debris and clogged pipes. It comes in various sizes, perfect for the vast irrigation tractor market. By opting for the Irrigation Tractor Tyre LM-501I, farmers can revolutionize their crop quality and harvest thanks to easier irrigation. Not only does it aid in the process of growing crops, but the tyre also acts as a water-saving solution! So, go ahead, invest in the best tyre for irrigation, and watch the fruits of your labor thrive with the Irrigation Tractor Tyre LM-501I.