landmax tyre

Rigid Dump Truck Tire LMX204 (E-4)


  • Non-directional deep tread pattern ensures excellent traction
  • Strong resistance to side-slipping as well as long life
  • Cut resistance on rocky surfaces.
  • Specifically designed for rigid dump trucks.

Tyre Size: 27.00R49, 37.00R57

Type: Tubeless

We built tough for the toughest hauls with our rigid dump truck tire

The LMX204 (E-4) Rigid dump truck tire has a deep tread pattern that works well on rocky surfaces. It is made to deal with the harsh conditions of mining operations. It is ideal for people needing a solid tire to handle heavy loads and extreme terrain. The tire comes in two sizes, 49 and 57 inches, and is excellent for large mining trucks. It is very durable and made to last for a long time, making it perfect for mining operations.