landmax tyre

Earthmover Tires LMX203 (E-4)


  • E4 radial for rigid dump trucks
  • engineered to provide optimal  traction
  • protection and tread life for severe mine and quarry conditions.

Product Range (Inch): 27.00R49, 30.00R51, 33.00R51, 40.00R57

Earthmover Tires Moving the Earth, one tire at a time

The Earthmover Tires LMX203 (E-4) Mining Tires are designed for use with rigid dump trucks in severe mine and quarry conditions. These E4 radial tires are engineered to provide optimal traction, protection, and tread life necessary to withstand the harsh environments of mining operations. The tires come in three sizes, including 49, 51, and 57 inches, making them suitable for various vehicles. With their durable construction and advanced technology, these tires are ideal for maximising productivity and minimising downtime in the mining industry. Whether you need to move large volumes of material quickly or navigate challenging terrain, the Earthmover Tires LMX203 (E-4) Mining Tires offer the reliability and performance you need to do the job efficiently and safely.