landmax tyre

Multi Purpose Tyre LM-504


R-3 Series:

  • Multi-purpose, for road constructions machinery, such as vibrating cumpactors.
  • The diamond design lugs provide excellent traction and flotation on loose and soft soil.

Tyre Size: 16.00-20,18.4-26,23.1-26,24.00-20.5,24-21,24.5-32,28.1-32,28L-26,715/80-32,31*13.5-15NHS

The Multi Purpose Tyre LM-504 is a type of tyre that works well with machines that build roads, like vibrating machines. It has a unique design helps it work well on soft or loose soil. It comes in different sizes. It is a robust tyre that works well for building roads, no matter if the ground is wet or dry. People who work in construction would find it helpful because it is rugged and reliable.