landmax tyre

Port Tyre LMD3A


• Strong nylon carcass provides superior load-carrying capability.
• The carcass design is significantly more suitable for high torque and heavy load harbour services than regular tires.
• Good heat and wear resistance
• The nylon carcass enhances its durability.
• An excellent choice for demanding harbour operations.

Tyre Size: 12.00-20 NHS 18.00-25


The Port Tyre LMD3A is a strong and tough tyre for use in harbours. It is made with a sturdy nylon shell that allows it to carry heavy loads and work in tough conditions. It is more durable than regular tyres and won’t wear out quickly. It can handle heat and wear, and is very safe to use, even in extreme conditions. The tyre is available in two sizes, 12.00-20 NHS and 18.00-25, so you can choose the one that is best for your needs. If you need a dependable tyre for your harbour work, the Port Tyre LMD3A is a great option.