landmax tyre

Press On Tyres LM-303 TR


  1. Unique Compound: The tire is made from a unique compound that is non-polluting, making it suitable for industries where contamination is strictly prohibited, such as pharmacy, catering, textile, electronics, and aviation.
  2. Super Elasticity and High Wear Resistance: The tire exhibits super elasticity, which enhances its performance, and high wear resistance, which extends its lifespan.
  3. Color Variations: The tire is available in various colors, providing options for aesthetic preferences or specific coding requirements.

Tyre Size: 8 1/2x4x4, 9x5x5, 10×4 3/4X6 1/2, 10x4x6 1/4, 10x4x6 1/2, 10x5x6 1/2, 10x5x6 1/4, 10x6x6 1/2, 10x6x6 1/4, 10x7x6 1/4, 10 1/2x5x5, 10 1/2x5x6 1/2, 10 1/2x6x5, 10 1/2x6x6 1/2, 12x4x8, 12×4 1/2×8, 12x5x8, 12×5 1/2×8


Press On Tyres with strong grip, excellent braking performance, strong load running stability, minimal rolling resistance, very low energy consumption, suitable for trailers and other transmission walking machinery. Press On Solid Tyres with steel ring compression type solid tire is specially designed for industrial vehicles, suitable for leveling road surface, with low center of gravity low energy consumption, puncture resistance, economic application and other characteristics. Using injection line production, rubber body density, wear resistance and stability. It is closely combined with the steel ring to avoid the phenomenon of colloid and steel ring stripping.

Press On Tyres with trong grip, strong load running stability, minimal rolling resistance, very low energy consumption.