landmax tyre

Heavy Duty Truck Tires LMR768


  • All position applications and applicable to various road surfaces.
  • With good performance in anti-cracking and tear resistance.
  • Excellent wear resistance and long mileage.

Tyre Size:11R22.5

Recommend to use; Steer and Trailer wheels

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Landmax Tyre has a top-of-the-line product that will be an excellent fit for your needs. Our Heavy Duty Truck Tires LMR768 are designed to be highly durable and perform well on any road. They are crafted to fit seamlessly onto any truck wheel and are sure to provide a long lifespan. Regardless of the weather, these tires are reliable. We suggest that you consider the 11R22.5 size when choosing the perfect fit. Our Heavy Duty Truck Tires LMR768 are a fantastic investment that guarantees safe and secure travel, no matter the road conditions.