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Scraper Tyres LMX117 (E4)

• Protected Area with 120%
• Traction lug
• Reinforced sidewalls for high-cut resistance
• Protected area with casing protection belt
• Tread cohesion, antivibration system

Tyre Size: 18.00R33 21.00R35 24.00R35

Scraper Tyres LMX117: Rigorously Robust

The Scraper Tyres LMX117 (E4) are not simply tyres – they are your reliable companion on the road. Featuring an outstanding design with 120% protected area, these tyres offer improved safety and durability, giving buyers the confidence they need for their journeys.

Long-Lasting Durability

Equipped with reinforced sidewalls, the LMX117 offers high cut-resistance, making them a superb choice for those who prefer durability over everything else. Whether it’s gravel, rocky terrains, or tough roads, this product promises long-lasting performance and an extended life.

Superior Traction

The traction lug feature on the Scraper Tyres LMX117 ensures a firm grip on all sorts of surfaces. It offers superior traction and control, especially in adverse weather conditions, giving you a smooth and secure driving experience.

Protection and Cohesion

These tyres guard your ride and ensure smooth driving with its casing protection belt. This feature, along with its excellent tread cohesion and antivibration system, helps in maintaining the tyre’s balance, keeping the vibration level at its minimum and enhancing your comfort level while driving.