landmax tyres

Radial Tractor Tyre LM501R 70 Series


  • Great angle tread and plenty of overlap in the centre of the tread provide smooth running and ride comfort.
  • The more excellent lug-heads in the centre of the tread make tires with exceptional wear resistance.
  • The wide contact area and rounded lugs in the shoulder area deliver excellent traction and minimize the damage to the soil.

Tyre Size:  380/70R24, 420/70R24, 380/70R28, 420/70R28, 480/70R28, 480/70R30, 480/70R34, 520/70R34, 520/70R38, 620/70R42, 710/70R38, 710/70R42

Radial Tractor Tyre

With a multi-angle bar design that features a lower angle at the shoulder for more traction and drawbar pull and a higher grade at the nose for lateral stability and wears.
She bolstered the bar base for more extended wear and a bead-and-rim flange protector to reduce downtime. It offers a smooth ride and pulls with less vibration. High-strength carcass provides higher load capacity.

The specially designed flange protrusion provides good protection for the bead and rim.