landmax tyre

Trailer Truck Tyre LMR686



Suitable for all wheels of buses and trucks on public roads for all seasons.

  • Low rolling resistance design
  • Low heat built-up
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  •  Excellent traction
  • Lower noise emission.
  • Wide section designed for excellent safety and comfortable driving.

Tyre Size:385/65R22.5

Recommend to use; Trailer.

Power through any haul with our reliable trailer truck tyres

The LMR686 trailer truck tyre is an excellent choice for buses and trucks travelling on public roads in all seasons. It features a low rolling resistance design, which means that the tyre uses less energy to maintain movement and reduces fuel consumption. The low heat built-up ensures that the tyre does not overheat, which increases its lifespan. The tyre also offers excellent traction and lower noise emission. With its wide section design, the LMR686 tyre provides exceptional safety and comfortable driving experience. This tyre model features a size of 385 65R22.5, which fits most trailer trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles. In summary, the LMR686 trailer truck tyre combines fuel efficiency, safety, and comfortable driving, making it an excellent investment for any business that uses commercial vehicles.