landmax tyre

Trailer Truck Tyre LMR687


  • Strong manoeuvrability.
  • The specialised tread design and low-release heat.
  • Applicable for trailer position and good road condition.

Tyre Size:385/55R22.5

Recommend to use; Trailer.

Trailer truck tyre strong and sturdy, mile after mile

The Trailer Truck Tyre LMR687 is a really good tyre for people who want to have an easy and reliable drive. It has a special pattern on it that helps it grip the road well and doesn’t get too hot. This tyre is perfect for trailers and works well in good conditions. It’s a really tough and strong tyre that comes in a size of 385 55R22.5, which means it works for lots of different trailers. It’s a great choice for truck drivers because it always performs well and makes your ride really comfortable. Whether you’re delivering things or just going for a long drive, the Trailer Truck Tyre LMR687 will make sure you have a smooth ride and won’t slip or slide on the road.