landmax tyre

Heavy Truck Trailer Tyre LMR08


  •  Low rolling resistance design improves fuel performance and provides energy saving and environmental protection.
  •  A larger contact area and high-performance formulation provide better abrasion resistance and effectively prevent side wear.
  • 4-wave linear grooves to achieve optimal security and provide drainage performance.

Tyre Size:12R22.5,295/80R22.5,315/80R22.5

Recommend to use; Trailer

Our heavy truck tyres have got you covered!

The LMR08 tyre is perfect for heavy trucks because it lasts a long time and helps save fuel. It can resist damage and is good on wet roads because of its unique grooves. It comes in 12R22.5, 295 80R22.5, 315 80R22.5  three sizes to fit different trucks. This tyre is excellent for people who care about the environment and want a good tyre for their heavy trucks.