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Scissor Lift Tyre LM322


  • Mark-free Tread: Rubber that avoids marks or stains on polished or finished floors.
  • Enhanced Traction: Good grip on various surfaces with less marking, safer and steadier.
  • Smooth Rolling: Softer compound for smoother ride, less vibration and more comfort.
  • Hygiene Benefits: No black marks from non-marking tires, cleaner for hospitals or food facilities.
  • Durability: Strong materials to resist punctures and wear, longer lasting and less costly.

Tyre Sizes:

12x3x10 (305/76-254), 12x4x10 (305/76-255)

The Scissor Lift Tyre LM322 is a good choice because it has features that make it dependable. The tyre won’t leave marks on polished or finished floors because of its rubber tread. It is also very safe and secure because it gives good traction and doesn’t leave a lot of marks on different surfaces. The tyre is nice to ride on too because it rolls smoothly and doesn’t vibrate too much. It is very clean too, so it’s great for places like hospitals or food facilities. The tyre is also very strong and lasts a long time, so you won’t have to replace it often. You can choose from two sizes of the tyre, 12x3x10 and 12x4x10. It’s a reliable choice for your equipment.


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