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Scissor Lift Tyre LM305


  • Scissors lift tire with a smooth tread pattern is designed for indoor use or slippery surfaces.
  • It prioritises floor protection and noise reduction over traction and stability.
  • Smooth tread tires are made of solid hard rubber, leaving no marks or stains on the floor.
  • They are quieter and more comfortable compared to lug pattern tires.
  • Smooth tread tires are less durable and puncture-resistant than lug pattern tires.
  • They may not perform well on uneven or muddy terrain.
  • Smooth tread tires are ideal for reducing flood damage and minimising noise in indoor environments.

Tyre Sizes: 

22x7x17 3/4 (559x178x450.8), 15×5 (379×127), 12×4 1/8×10 (305×105)

The Scissor Lift Tyre LM305 is good for indoor or slippy surfaces because it has smooth treads which protect floors and make less noise. It won’t leave marks on the floor and is more comfortable than bumpy tyres. But, it may not work as well on rough or muddy grounds because bumpy tyres provide better grip. There are three sizes for different Scissor Lifts. This tyre is a good choice if you want to protect floors and decrease noise in indoor environments.

Tyre SizeMax LoadOther Vehicles
22x7x17 3/4559x178x450.8422037153250
12×4 1/8×10305×105835745645