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Scissor Lift Tyres LM329


Service in various industries high-altitude work, equipment installation, maintenance and other mobile high-altitude work products.

For the safety of the performance and the use of the environment, the general use of environmental protection seamless solid tires.

Tyre Sizes: 16×5 (406×125), 12 3/4×4 (323×100)

Grey and White Scissor Lift Tyres.

How to determine which tire is right for your man to lift: unlike tractor or automobile tires, there is no uniform measurement system for scissor lift tyres. Scissor lift tyres are unique to each brand and model of the aerial work platform.

Tyre Size Max Load Other Vehicles
(inch) (mm) Load Rotation
16×5 406×125 1400 1020 1080
12 3/4×4 323×100 850 750 675