landmax tyre

Scissor Lift Tyres LM329


  • Scissor lift tires improve performance, safety, and versatility.
  • Non-marking tires protect floors and leave no marks.
  • Puncture-resistant and durable tires reduce maintenance costs and the risk of blowouts or flats.
  • Non-marking tires are highly visible in low-light or dark conditions, aiding identification.
  • Large-diameter, low-pressure tires allow use on soft ground and challenging terrain.
  • Tires suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Tyre Sizes: 16×5 (406×125), 12 3/4×4 (323×100)

LM329 scissor lift tyres have many benefits that help improve performance, safety and versatility. Firstly, they won’t leave marks on floors. The tyres are also strong and durable, meaning they last longer, are less likely to get punctured and don’t need as much maintenance. They are visible in low light, and their size and pressure allow for use on uneven ground. This means they can be used inside or outside. In summary, the LM329 scissor lift tyres make it easy to operate scissor lifts safely and efficiently in a wide range of settings.

Tyre SizeMax LoadOther Vehicles
12 3/4×4323×100850750675