landmax tyre

Scraper Tyre LMX106 (E2,G2,L2)

Scraper Tyre Features:

  • 🚜 Aggressive, self-cleaning tread design for excellent traction in tough applications
  • 💪 Excellent resistance to damage
  • 🛣️ Off-road directional tread design
  • 😌 Improved operator comfort
  • 🧹 Self-cleaning tread
  • 🔇 Low road noise and reduced vibration
  • 🚧 Suitable for loaders and scrapers

Product Range (Inch): 20.5R25

The Scraper Tyre LMX106 (E2,G2,L2) is a high-quality tyre for heavy-duty equipment like loaders and scrapers. It’s really good at handling rough and off-road terrain, and won’t get damaged easily. The tread design is “aggressive” and “self-cleaning” which means it can handle really tough jobs without any trouble. It’s also designed to be comfortable for the operator with less noise and vibration. This tyre is really versatile and can be used for lots of different jobs. The tyre size is 20.5R25.