Sidehole Skid Steer Tyre LM-410


Three plies steep slope design increases the tires patterns firmness.Excellent shock effect-is better than tradition solid tires and effectively reduce the wear and tear of vehicle parts. Excellent abrasion resistance and steering dexterity.

Tyre Size: 31*6*10 (10-16.5), 33*6*11(12-16.5), 36*7*11(14-17.5), 40*9*13(15-19.5), 38*7*13(16/70-20)

Solitaire Skid Steer Tyre with a three-story structure is adopted. Wear-resistant and tearing tread adhesive, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, low heat generation, suitable for long-term use. High elastic intermediate glue reduces internal heat, has strong shock absorption, high elasticity, good buffer effect, makes comfortable driving, and extends service life. High rigid base rubber, high strength steel wire ring, improve the best fit between tire and rim, prevent idling slip. Sound design for long-wearing, tear-wearing and cracking resistance.

Landmax Solidair Skid Steer Tyre is designed and manufactured using the highest quality rubber blends to provide high performance even in harsh and demanding environments. Our aperture design is specifically designed for carrying heavy loads, providing a smooth, cushioned ride without the bounce associated with pneumatic tires.

Since our solid tires feature durability and no maintenance, you can lower your operating costs by using solid tires.

Our tires are ideal for rough-duty applications found in construction, demolition, scrap metal, recycling,  metallic mines, and other industrial environments.


Three-plies steep slope design increases the tire patterns’ firmness. The excellent shock effect is better than traditional solid tires and reduces vehicle parts’ wear and tear. Excellent abrasion resistance and steering dexterity.
1. Skid Steer
2. Backhoes
3. Mining
4. Aerial Boom
5. Trencher
6. Compact tractor


1. Especially designed for wheel loaders to give maximum traction, stability and durability

2. Extraordinary design provides long life- up to 5 times that of Pneumatic and foam-filled tires and the most extended life in solid tires.

3. Saves time and money as there are NO damaged tires, NO tire pressure and NO sidewall damage.

4. Saves money as no specialized equipment is needed for installation

5. Smooth, cushioned and comfortable ride without any bounce.

Size Section
Load Index
(mm) (mm) at (10Km/H)
Load Wheel Steering Wheel
31*6*10 (10-16.5) 251 787 3415 3415
33*6*11(12-16.5) 276 838 4075 4075
36*7*11(14-17.5) 276 914 5650 5650
40*9*13(15-19.5) 336 1016 7545 7545
38*7*13(16/70-20) 330 960 6320 6320