landmax tyre

Backhoe Loader Tyres LM-440


  • A particular wheel loader tyre design gives maximum traction, stability and durability.
  • The extraordinary design provides a long life- up to 5 times that of Pneumatic and foam-filled tires and the most extended life in solid tires.
  • You can Save time and money with NO damaged tires, NO tire pressure and NO sidewall damage.
  • It doesn’t need installation to save money as no specialised equipment exists.
  • Smooth, cushioned and comfortable ride without any bounce.

Tyre Size: 31x6x10, 33x6x11

LM-440 Backhoe Loader Tyres has a superior design, providing strength and durability for extended periods. It outlasts other tyres by up to five times, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs and saving time and money. It’s effortless to use and install without the need for any special tools. LM-440 offers a comfortable, smooth drive on even the roughest surfaces and is available in two sizes, fitting various backhoe loader models.


Tyre SizeRIMDimensionSkid Steer Loader Max Load (KG)Other Vehicles
Overall DiameterSection Width10km/h16km/h16k/h