Landmax Tyre - Landmax Tyre

Solid Tire For Electric Forklift LM-210


  • A solid tire with good elasticity enhances the driver’s comfort.
  • Heat dissipation faster.
  • Suitable for various forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles.


Tyre Size: 15×41/2-8/3.00. 16×6-8/4.33, 18×7-8/4.33, 21×8-9/6.00, 23×9-10/6.50, 27×10-12/8.0, 200/50-10/6.50

The LM-210 is a solid tire that works really well for forklifts and other industrial vehicles. The tire is stretchy, which makes it more comfortable for drivers. It also cools down quickly, which is important for vehicles that run for a long time. The LM-210 comes in different sizes, so it can fit many kinds of electric forklifts and industrial vehicles. This tire is very strong and lasts a long time, so it’s worth the money. If you work in manufacturing or construction, the LM-210 tire is a great choice for making sure your machinery works well.