Landmax Tyre - Landmax Tyre

Soid Wheel Loader Tyre With Holes


  • A super pneumatic-shaped solid, reliable tire with unique compounds.
  • Highly -elastic rubber compounds.
  • The deep tread provides good cutting resistance and high loading capacity and operates stably.
  • Sidewall designs for good heat dissipation.

Tyre Size: 17.5-25 20.5-25 23.5-25 26.5-25

Solid Wheel Loader Tyre with holes is essential for carrying heavy things. It’s made with solid rubber and has deep treads to resist cuts. It comes in different sizes to fit different types of wheel loaders. The tyre is tough and can handle big loads. It has an excellent grip to drive on tough surfaces. The tyre won’t get too hot because of the way it’s made. It’s a good investment for businesses that need to move heavy things.