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Solid Tyre High Elastic For Engine Forklift E

Experience Unmatched Stability and Performance



  • Solid Tyre Good elasticity enhance the driver’s comfort;
  • Heat dissipation faster;
  • Solid Tyre is Suitable for various forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles.

Tyre Sizes: 5.00-8/3.00, 6.00-9/4.00, 7.00-9/4.50, 6.50-10/5.00, 7.00-12/5.00, 8.25-12/5.00, 7.00-15/5.50, 7.50-15/5.50, 7.50-15/6.50, 8.25-15/6.50, 6.50-16/5.50, 7.50-16/5.50, 7.50-16/6.00, 8.00-16/5.50, 9.00-16/6.50, 750-20/6.5, 8.25-20/6.5, 9.00-20/7.0

High Elastic Solid Tyre For Engine Forklift Truck

Easy to Install and Maintain Our Solid Tyre for Forklift Trucks is durable and high-performing and easy to install and maintain. With its straightforward installation process, our tyre can quickly fit onto your forklift truck, saving you valuable time and money. Additionally, our tyre’s solid construction requires little to no maintenance, reducing downtime and repair costs. Invest in our Solid Tyre for Forklift Trucks today and enjoy a reliable and hassle-free experience.