landmax tyre

Solid Tyre For Engine Forklift LM-212 Type E


  • Solid Tyre Good elasticity enhance the driver’s comfort;
  • Heat dissipation faster;
  • Solid Tyre is Suitable for various forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles.

Tyre Sizes: 5.00-8/3.00, 6.00-9/4.00, 7.00-9/4.50, 6.50-10/5.00, 7.00-12/5.00, 8.25-12/5.00, 7.00-15/5.50, 7.50-15/5.50, 7.50-15/6.50, 8.25-15/6.50, 6.50-16/5.50, 7.50-16/5.50, 7.50-16/6.00, 8.00-16/5.50, 9.00-16/6.50, 750-20/6.5, 8.25-20/6.5, 9.00-20/7.0

The Solid Tyre For Engine Forklift LM-212 Type E is a good choice for forklift drivers. It has a bouncy feel, which makes it more comfortable to drive. The tyre doesn’t get too hot and lasts a long time. It works with different forklift trucks and vehicles. The tyre comes in different sizes, from 5.00-8/3.00 to 9.00-20/7.00, so you can choose the best one for your forklift. Overall, the Solid Tyre For Engine Forklift LM-211 Type E is a good tyre for people who want a strong and reliable tyre for their forklift.