landmax tyre

Solid Tyre for Ladder Truck C


  • Three layers compound, good cushioning balance

  • Small rolling resistance, energy-saving
  • Interchangeable with pneumatic tyre
  • No inflation, leakage and the risk of explosion

Suitable for Ladder Truck

Tyre Size:


9.00-20/7.0, 10.00-20/7.0 , 10.00-20/7.5, 10.00-20/8.0, 11.00-20/7.5, 11.00-20/8.0, 11.00-20/8.5, 12.00-20/8.0, 12.00-20/8.5, 36*14-20/8.0, 385/65-24, 16/70-20

What is a solid tyre structure?

Solid Tyre for Ladder Truck with a three-story structure is adopted. Wear-resistant and tearing tread adhesive, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, low heat generation, suitable for long-term use. High elastic intermediate glue reduces internal heat, has strong shock absorption, high elasticity, good buffer effect, comfortable driving, and extended service life. High rigid base rubber, high strength steel wire ring, improve the best fit between tire and rim, prevent idling slip.

Solid Tyre for Ladder Truck C pattern with the following size