landmax tyre

On The Road Steer Trailer Truck Tyres LMR668


  • Good loading capacity, low rolling resistance and low noise.
  • With excellent water drainage and skid resistance.
  • Mainly for regional transportation of trailer axle, also applicable for steer axle.

Tyre Size:385/65R22.5

Recommend to use: Steer, Trailer

These are good tyres for trucks that carry trailers around the local area. They’re also okay to use on the front of the truck. They can carry a lot of weight, roll easily, and are quiet. They’re great for trucks that make money. Also, they’re safe in the rain with good grip and won’t skid. The tyres are best when they’re 385/65R22.5 in size. If you own a truck and need good tyres, these will be good for you.