landmax tyre

Straddle Carrier Tyre LMX127 (IND4)

Straddle Carrier Tyre Features:

  • Suitable for straddle carrier, forklifts and other port equipments.
  • Special tire construction design has ultra-deep tread.
  • Excellent carrying capacity and long service life.

Tyre Size; 18.00R25

The Straddle Carrier Tyre LMX127 (IND4) is a specially designed tyre that is great for many types of equipment used in ports. It has a unique design with a very deep tread that helps it hold a lot of weight and last a long time. This makes it perfect for moving cargo around ports. The tyre is 18.00R25 in size, which means it fits a lot of different equipment. It’s a strong and reliable choice for people who work in ports and need a tyre that can handle heavy loads and lots of use.