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Tire For Engine Froklift with Side Hole LM-209

Experience Unmatched Stability and Performance



  • Good elasticity enhances the driver’s comfort;
  • Heat dissipation faster;
  • Suitable for various forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles.

Tyre Size: 6.00-9. 6.50-10, 7.00-12, 28X9-15

High Elastic Tire For Engine Froklift with side hole has good heat dissapition. High Elastic Tire For Engine Froklift with side hole also makes driving more comfortable. Solid tire for engine forklift come in two tyres, solid press on forklift tires and solid pneumatic forklift tire ( Resilient tire). Solid press on forklift tires (Cushion tire) solid material is bonded to a steel band called a base band. The tire is pressed on to a cylindrical wheel using an industrial press. Solid pneumatic forklift tire doesn’t include a steel band. Many tires used in industrial and commercial applications are solid rubber and look like pneumatic tires. If you have split-wheel or lock-ring type wheels, you should be able to replace the pneumatic tire with a solid tire making your forklift tires flat-proof. There are several rim options for solid pneumatic tire for engine forklift including:
  • Standard / Flat Base
    • Solid Pneumatic (resilient) can be either standard or SIT/LOC.
    • All press-on (cushion) tires for engine forklift are standard or flat base tires.
    • Industrial pneumatic (air) tires for engine forklift are also standard as they require lock/side rings and bead seat bands for mounting.
  • SIT (Snap-In-Tire) / LOC – Also referred to as LOC, Clip, Click, Halo or Fast-fit, these are special tires with the lock ring built into the tire. These are only found on solid pneumatic tires.The SIT/LOC hardened rubber lip snaps into the lock ring groove of the wheel. You can easily check if your current tire is a standard or SIT/LOC type. SIT/LOC type tires will not have lock/side rings (need to check on both outside and inside of the tire as some installers mount these on the inside to protect them from impact damage).